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What to do if you are falsely accused of a crime

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Crime is a serious matter. People who make false accusations trivialize the reality of criminal behavior. However, false allegations can have real-world consequences. There is a man who spent thirteen years in prison after false accusations of murder.

If you are on the receiving end of false accusations, you are likely feeling frustration and confusion. Here is what you should do if someone falsely accuses you of violence during the holiday season.

Do not interact with the accuser

If someone lies about you committing a crime, this will likely make you angry. However, think twice before escalating the situation. An outburst of anger toward this person may become evidence against you later in court. Resist the urge to send angry text messages or leave nasty voicemails. You are better off having as little contact as possible with the individual accusing you.

Inform your family

Contact your family members about any false accusations as soon as possible. Your accuser may be attempting to turn your loved ones against you. Let your family know what is going on so they can provide you with love and support while you figure everything out. The sooner you reach out to your loved ones to clear your name, the less influence your accuser will have over them.

Change your login information

Be careful with all of your electronic devices and online accounts if you face false allegations. People who make such accusations may try to send emails or text messages from your devices in an attempt to fabricate evidence. Change the passwords for your email, bank accounts, social media accounts and cellphone. You never know what lengths people will go to bring you down.

Someone may try to paint you as a criminal. Whatever the reason is, there is no excuse for false charges of violence. Make sure you protect yourself against such harmful assertions.

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