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Minnesota man facing criminal charges in death of roommate

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

People may face conflicts with others throughout their lives. Though most conflicts result in nothing more than a verbal disagreement, some arguments may turn more physical. One Minnesota man is now facing criminal charges after allegedly stabbing his roommate in an altercation.

Police report that the man was attempting to evict his roommate when the incident supposedly occurred. The man allegedly saw a knife in his roommate’s back pocket and grabbed a kitchen knife to defend himself after which the roommate lunged at him. The altercation then moved outside where sources claim that the roommate dropped his knife and the other man picked it up. The man then reportedly fell and the roommate fell on top of him, subsequently getting stabbed with both knives. 

According to police, the man allegedly admitted to stabbing his roommate six times. Authorities claim that the roommate was actually stabbed 29 times. Since the incident, the man has been arrested and charged with second degree murder. He is currently still in custody.

Even though police state that the man supposedly made a confession, he still has legal rights that must be protected. He is likely now working with an attorney to determine the best course of action for his defense. Anyone facing similar criminal charges could consult an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney to obtain assistance in any upcoming legal proceedings he or she may face. In addition to aiding individuals in court, an attorney could also provide guidance and support to clients throughout the litigation process.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Charges: Man Allegedly Stabbed Roommate 29 Times With 2 Knives“, July 3, 2017

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