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Helping college kids charged with drug crimes

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

One of the biggest fears of most parents of college-aged kids is that they could get into serious trouble. Alcohol and drugs are often part of the culture in college, so it makes sense that alcohol and drug-related criminal charges are so common on college campuses.

From the University of Minnesota to the private institutions like the University of St. Thomas, St. John’s and St. Olaf, many young adults in the college environment find themselves facing drug-related charges. But what do you do if it is your child? 

As a parent, you only have one concern: helping your child.

Working with an experienced Minnesota drug crime defense lawyer is the most important think you can do.

A good attorney can help you:

Minimize the charges.

In many cases, there are circumstances that will lead the prosecutor to minimize or dismiss the charges before the case even goes to trial. Of course, this is a great benefit to the college student and the entire family. If there is an opportunity for a charge reduction or dismissal, a good criminal defense lawyer should know how to find it and use it to your advantage.

Win the case at trial.

When your case goes to trial, this is where your attorney’s ability to prepare and advocate effectively is most important.

Minimize the sentence.

Since many college students are first-time offenders, there might be options for reduced and alternative sentences. Judges and juries are usually more lenient to first-time offenders, especially when they are in school trying to better themselves and preparing for the future.

Although you should not take college drum crime charges lightly, do not panic. Get the help you need from a criminal defense lawyer who can protect your child’s future.

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