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How a prescription may lead to addiction

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

An injury may leave you in a fair amount of pain. Finding relief in the form of prescription medication may provide the only pause in the pain.

When the medication runs out, you must learn to manage pain without it. Finding alternate ways to manage constant pain may lead you to street drugs for relief. Facing criminal charges after a drug buy may leave you wondering how you made it here. Unfortunately, the path to addiction may start with a legitimate medical condition and prescription. Find out some of the most commonly prescribed medications that lead to addiction.


Doctors prescribe opioids to help manage pain short term. If you have a traumatic injury, such as one caused by a car crash, the doctor may put you on a short course of oxycodone or hydrocodone. The DEA classifies opioids such as these as highly addictive. The dependence on opioids may happen quickly and leave you with a lifetime of struggle.


Trouble sleeping after an injury is common. If you find yourself unable to get the appropriate amount of sleep, your body may not heal, and you may struggle. Xanax and similar sleeping pills may help you get on a regulated sleep regimen. The danger is you may become dependent on them to sleep, even when your body heals.

When facing a medical condition that warrants powerful prescriptions, it helps to monitor the toll they take on your body. Allowing yourself to indulge in extra at any given time may lead to addiction and subsequent legal issues.

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