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Soft drug decriminalization does not include dabs, oil or wax

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | College Student Crimes, Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

As jurisdictions across the United States revise laws on soft drugs like cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes, dab, oil and wax forms of the substance are becoming increasingly popular among users. With that said, not all states approach these alternative consumption types the same way.

In Minnesota, for example, the state has decriminalized small amounts of the cannabis flower known as marijuana to some degree, but the same leniency does not apply to commercial soft drug products that are legal in other states like dabs, oil and wax.

Dabs, oil and wax

In a nutshell, dabs, oil and wax are all concentrated forms of the cannabis flower that are usually much more potent than the traditional flower. Vaping is one particularly popular kind of concentrate consumption that can lead to college student arrests and felony charges.

Cannabis flower

With cannabis flower products, the product is that: the flower of a plant. While tetrahydrocannabinol levels in flowers can vary, they usually remain within a certain percentage range. As such, the state has set possession of flowers without the intent to sell as a misdemeanor without fines or jail time, as long as the amount is 42.5 grams or less.

What the law says

According to Minnesota law, anything beyond a small amount of cannabis is a controlled substance crime in the fifth degree. This means that law enforcement treats charges in this category as felonies. Because most forms of concentrates contain more than a “small amount” of THC, it is possible to face felony charges for the possession of dabs, oil or wax.

Without a doubt, the rapidly changing soft drugs policies around the country have created many gray areas and uncertainty concerning substances like cannabis. Knowing local laws can help people stay out of legal trouble.

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