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How does a DUI impact your college future?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | DUI |

Getting a DUI charge as a college student might have more of an impact than you expect. You want to avoid a conviction at all costs. After all, you could face more than just a fine or community service.

But how can a DUI conviction impact your college future? What are the exact effects you might want to expect?

Financial repercussions

The College Investor discusses how DUIs may impact your future. First, it can affect the rest of your time in college. Most college boards do not eject a student based on a DUI conviction alone. This might change if you face compounded convictions, such as causing the injury or death of another student.

But they will likely revoke any financial support they provided. This can include scholarships and financial aid. They can also disallow you from using on-campus housing, which means you would need to pay for an off-campus location. For many people, this alone could easily price out a college option.

What your future may look like

Of course, the impact extends beyond your time in college. Certain fields do not hire individuals with DUIs on record. Some of these fields include childcare, government work, and teaching positions. Of course, you also cannot apply for any job that would require copious amounts of driving or a commercial driver’s license. This already limits your potential options.

Not only that, but you are less likely to get internships and other potential opportunities while still in college. If you do not have reliable personal transportation, many companies will pass you over for people that do. Now that you see what an impact this can have on your life, you may want to contact a legal professional who can help you avoid this outcome.

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