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Does alcohol consumption lead to sexual assault on campus?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Sex Crimes |

Sexual assaults on college campuses are an unfortunate trend, and research shows they often have a connection with alcohol consumption.

The American Addiction Centers explains that alcohol consumption often spikes on college campuses due to the freedom students have during their time there. There is always someone who is ready to take advantage of someone who drinks too much and is unable to protect themselves.

Vulnerable population

If you are a female on a college campus, you are vulnerable to sexual assault. Add alcohol into the equation, and you become even more of a target. Statistics show that almost a quarter of all female students suffer a sexual assault and half of all assaults involve alcohol. Most of the time the perpetrator is male and the victim is female.

Alcohol use

While using alcohol can put you at risk, it may surprise you to learn that 69% of those committing assaults are under the influence of alcohol compared to 43% of victims. So, you do not even have to use alcohol to be at a higher risk. Being around others using alcohol puts you at an increased risk, too. That is a scary thing to think about.

There is no denying there is a link between sexual assault and alcohol consumption on college campuses. When alcohol is present, you face a higher risk of becoming a victim. You cannot rely on others to do the right thing because the figures show that sexual assaults on college campuses occur way too often. Knowing that alcohol increases the risk can enable you to make different decisions that keep you safe.

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