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All drunk driving arrests and convictions in Minnesota are serious matters.

Some are more serious than others.

A felony DWI/DUI is a prominent case in point.

We duly note at the proven criminal defense Bauer Law Office in Brooklyn Park the severity that attaches to a Minnesota felony drunk driving conviction. We underscore on our website that a conviction “will haunt your life for years to come.” The administrative and criminal consequences flowing from an adverse result are multiple and dire, and often include all of some of these exactions:

  • Potential for a multi-year prison term
  • Fine totaling many thousands of dollars
  • Additional costs relevant to dependency assessment/treatment and other matters
  • Ignition interlock device installation
  • License cancelation
  • Plate impoundment
  • Vehicle forfeiture

And, of course, a number of other immediate and real-world issues typically arise for individuals with felony drunk driving convictions on their records. A social stigma often follows conviction. Job opportunities may be limited, as might similarly be the case for housing options. Loans can be difficult to secure. Educational opportunities might be curtailed.

What factors play into a felony DWI/DUI charge?

A court will consider the following in a felony assessment:

  • Prior felony drunk driving conviction
  • Prior felony conviction for criminal vehicular homicide or injury where alcohol or drugs was a factor
  • Three prior DWI/DUI convictions within the past decade

The bottom line concerning any drunk driving matter in Minnesota is that state law is complex and potentially punitive. Questions or concerns regarding a felony DWI/DUI charge or other drinking-related arrest can be directed to a proven and client-empathetic criminal defense attorney.

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