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Minnesota grandmother charged with assault in shooting

| Nov 8, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Families who are volatile often experience conflict. Regardless, most in Minnesota are loving and work hard to make any dysfunction relatively negligible. Despite this, a woman in Minnesota was recently charged with assault in the alleged shooting of her grandson.

The incident reportedly happened on a day in October. Police say that they arrived at a residence and found the alleged victim in the yard outside, suffering from a gunshot to his leg. He reportedly told police that his grandmother had shot him. His grandmother is said to have told police that she did not believe that she should go to jail.

Reports indicate that the shooting involved a teacup. The woman allegedly said that she became upset with her grandson because he kept placing his teacup on her furniture despite several requests not to do so. She claims that she poured out the tea and went to retrieve a revolver. When she returned, her grandson had another cup of tea. Police say that it was at this time that she shot him.

The Minnesota woman was charged with second-degree assault as a result of the incident. A judge has ordered that she be evaluated to determine whether she is competent to stand trial; she is set to return to court in December. Any time a person is charged with a crime, he or she may be unsure of his or her legal options. As such, he or she may choose to seek help from an attorney with experience with similar cases. In some situations, this includes determining a person’s mental state at the time an alleged crime occurred.

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