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Minnesota legal assistance before criminal charges are filed

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Police officers in Minnesota and across the country may have a difficult job. However, their goal in their professional lives is sometimes to arrest someone on criminal charges in order to gain a conviction. While the desire for justice is understandable, the zeal for it can often lead to a person’s rights being overlooked.

Fortunately, Bauer Law Office is ready to help those suspected of crimes in Minnesota. Often, police will spend a significant amount of time building a case, including gathering evidence. This could potentially include interviews with a suspect. While many people suspected of a crime may have a basic understanding of their rights, including their right to remain silent, they may also feel compelled to answer an officer’s questions.

As a result, involving our law office in your case as soon as you realize that you are suspected of a crime can be beneficial. We provide customized strategies and personalized representation as we seek the best possible outcome for each individual case. Often, this begins with having an experienced legal professional at your side during the earliest stages of a criminal investigation.

Facing police officers as part of an interrogation can be intimidating. Fortunately, if you are facing criminal charges or accusations in Minnesota, you have the right to have an experienced attorney at your side. Our law firm has over 40 years of experience working for those suspected or accused of a crime. In some situations, the overall outcome of your case could be impacted by involving us in the early stages of an investigation.

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