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Man facing criminal charges after failed breath test

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Blood Alcohol Tests, Firm News |

Car accidents have become an unfortunately regular occurrence in Minnesota and across the country. When accidents happen, police may believe that alcohol is involved and request a breath test. One man is now facing charges after he allegedly failed such a test following a collision with a pedestrian.

Authorities reported that they received a call about a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. Officers say they found a woman lying in the road and the man believed to be responsible standing near his car. A witness claims that she saw the man’s vehicle stop in the road and reverse, after which she saw the victim on the ground.

The police officers reportedly smelled alcohol on the man’s breath when they spoke with him. They alleged that he admitted to drinking several beers prior to driving. Authorities had him perform a field sobriety test, which they state he failed. The results of a breath test allegedly showed he had a blood alcohol content of .139.

The man has since been charged with two counts of criminal vehicular operation and recent court records indicate that he pleaded not guilty. These and similar charges could result in serious consequences if convictions are obtained. Anyone facing charges after a failed breath test could benefit from consulting an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer. An attorney could work toward protecting a person’s legal rights and could also help to build a strong defense to present before the court. Additionally, an attorney could assist with any future related legal proceedings.

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