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Man likely focused on his criminal defense after multiple charges

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

Whatever charges an accused individual may face in Minnesota, obtaining a lawyer as soon as possible may be beneficial. In doing so, those accused of crimes can work with their lawyer to build a strong criminal defense. An attorney can also work to safeguard the legal rights of a client. One man is now likely working with an attorney after being accused of multiple crimes.

According to police, the man was already wanted for several felony warrants when the latest incident occurred, including multiple drug offenses and felon in possession of a firearm. The man is said to have fled when law enforcement attempted to arrest him at a gas station. Allegedly, the man sped through multiple counties, reaching speeds of 90 mph until officers finally made use of immobilization tactics to disable his vehicle and arrest him.

Reports indicate that in addition to the felonies the man already faces, he will likely be charged with several more. He is expected to be charged with felony charges of fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, second degree assault with a dangerous weapon as well as other drug and traffic offenses. At last report, the man was being held in jail and waiting to be arraigned.

The charges this man faces could lead to serious consequences if convictions are obtained. Those in similar situations may choose to obtain attorneys to assist them throughout the criminal proceedings. Anyone in Minnesota accused of criminal offenses has the right to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for help understanding the charges and to work with the attorney to try to obtain the best possible outcome in court.

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