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Minnesota sees big jump in meth and pill seizures

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

Recently, Minnesota released data on drug seizures by police in the state in 2016. The numbers indicate that such seizures hit particularly high levels last year. Two drugs in particular saw especially big increases in the amount seized.

One is prescription pills. According to the data, the state seizure total for such pills was 231 percent higher in 2016 than it was in 2015.

The other is meth. The data indicates that 484 percent more meth was seized by Violent Crime Enforcement Teams in the state in 2016 than was the case in 2009. The meth seizure total from 2016 was only a little off 500 pounds.

One wonders how authorities in the state will react to these increases. One also wonders what meth and prescription pill seizure levels will look like in Minnesota this year.

There are a variety of drug charges that could possibly come out of a drug seizure. The type of drug seized, the amount seized and a variety of other details surrounding the seizure and the police investigation it was a part of can impact what particular charges result. Also, how the seizure in question came about and was performed can impact the admissibility of the evidence the seizure yielded.

So, the details of a drug seizure can be incredibly impactful in a drug crime case. Skilled defense attorneys can help Minnesotans accused of crimes involving meth, pills or other drugs with the various issues in their case, including legal issues related to drug seizures.

Source: KARE11, “Illegal drug seizures skyrocket across MN,” March 6, 2017

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