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When a college student is facing disorderly conduct charges

by | Feb 24, 2017 | College Student Crimes, Firm News |

There are all manner of life-impacting situations individuals can find themselves in during their college years. Some college students end up facing criminal charges during their time in school. One of the types of charges sometimes leveled against college students is the charge of disorderly conduct.

There are a wide variety of allegations that could lead to a college student here in Minnesota facing disorderly conduct charges. This includes accusations of:

  • Certain uses of language that is abusive/obscene/offensive.
  • Committing conduct that is offensive/obscene/noisy/boisterous/abusive.
  • Disturbing a lawful meeting/assembly.
  • Brawling/fighting.

In Minnesota, disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor charge. Now, just because it isn’t a felony charge doesn’t mean that a disorderly conduct charge can’t have major repercussions for a college student. A student can be given jail time and a fine if they are convicted of such a charge. Also, criminal convictions, even misdemeanor ones, can have significant impacts on a college student’s education and employment future.

So, when facing charges of disorderly conduct, it can be important for a college student to treat it as the serious situation it is. Careful preparation of their defense can be critical in such a situation.

Skilled defense attorneys can work with Minnesota college students accused of disorderly conduct or other criminal offenses to try to minimize the overall impact of the charges on their life. Such lawyers can help such students understand what effects their case could have and can investigate what defense options they have given the issues and details in their case.

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