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The possibility of losing one’s vehicle over a DWI

by | Feb 28, 2017 | DUI/DWI Charges, Firm News |

A car can be many things for a person. It can be an essential component in their everyday activities. It could be their only way to get to work. It can be their way of visiting family. Some people may feel a great sense of freedom in relation to their car, given the freedom of movement it gives them. Also, some people may have many fond memories connected to their vehicle.

So, the prospect of having their car taken from them is one that could fill a person with all kinds of worry. Some types of DWI allegations could leave a person facing this prospect here in Minnesota.

One of the potential consequences that can be leveled against a person in relation to a drunk driving offense in the state is a vehicle forfeiture. Now, such forfeitures cannot be done in connection to all DWI offenses, but rather just certain types. Our page on vehicle forfeiture outlines some of the situations in which a Minnesotan could end up facing this particular consequence.

Now, there are actions a person who is facing the possibility of having their vehicle taken from them through a DWI-related forfeiture may be able to take to fight the forfeiture. So, it can be important for a person in such a situation to understand their rights and what steps they would have to take to assert these rights. This is why guidance on vehicle forfeiture matters from a skilled defense attorney can be an important thing for a person to promptly seek out when their vehicle may be at risk.

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