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Are you a college student charged with a drug crime?

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

As a college student, a criminal charge can have a detrimental impact on your education and career opportunities. The effects of a drug charge can reach into every area of your life, and it is critical to confront these charges with a strong criminal defense. Failure to appropriately respond to a drug charge could lead to serious consequences.

With the help of a Minnesota attorney, it is possible to mitigate the consequences of a felony or misdemeanor drug charge. Even if you are under investigation or learn that there are charges pending against you, you can begin to build a strong defense by seeking help as soon as possible.

Drugs found on college campuses and your defense options

Drugs are a part of college life on both private and public campuses, and it is common for a smart student with a promising future to turn to drugs to help him or her focus while studying or to make a one-time mistake. Some of the most common types of drugs found on college campuses include:

  • Adderall: This drug treats hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder, but college students who are trying to stay up all night to study often use this drug. If caught with Adderall without a prescription or selling the drug, it is a felony.
  • Ecstasy: This drug produces psychedelic effects and can be very dangerous when used in combination with other drugs.
  • Marijuana: While this drug is legal for medicinal purposes, it is illegal for individuals who do not have prescriptions. Possession of marijuana could lead to penalties and fines.

Beyond the criminal penalties that a drug charge can bring, it can also result in loss of scholarships and dismissal from school. In some cases, a conviction for drug possession or distribution can compromise one’s ability to secure a job in the future.

A strong defense for the sake of your future

If you are charged with a drug crime, or your college-age child is under investigation for drug possession, it is critical to act quickly to protect future interests. It is possible to avoid potential penalties, and an experienced lawyer can explain the most appropriate options available for your unique situation.

College students facing criminal charges have the right to a strong future, even after making a serious mistake. Do not panic if you are facing a drug charge, but seek guidance from a legal ally with in-depth knowledge of Minnesota’s legal system.

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