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2 Minnesota men accused of drug crimes involving cocaine

The possession and distribution of illegal drugs can lead to serious ramifications for anyone involved in such matters. Those facing drug charges in Minnesota may wonder how to proceed in light of these types of accusations. Two men are now likely looking into their legal options after being charged for drug crimes related to the distribution of cocaine.

Authorities say that multiple law and drug enforcement organizations, including the Minnesota State Patrol and Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug, worked together on a recent drug ring investigation. Allegedly, agents made several controlled buys from the two men now accused of participating in the ring. They say this led to the seizure of about 73 grams of cocaine. After further search warrants were executed, another 44 grams of cocaine were also reportedly found.

2 men may face criminal charges after alleged shooting

Traffic stops are a regular occurrence in Minnesota and across the country. Most involve a short discussion with the police officers and little else. Two men are now in custody, however, and may soon face criminal charges after an alleged shooting during one such traffic stop in the early morning hours.

Police report that officers witnessed the two men acting suspiciously outside a gas station convenience store. When the men left the gas station, authorities followed them, eventually conducting a traffic stop. The officers involved allege that the two men then fired shots at the officers before driving away. Reports indicate the car then crashed in a field, and the men attempted to flee before finally surrendering.

Blood alcohol test results lead to Minnesota man's 9th DWI

A Minnesota man was recently charged with his ninth offense related to drunk driving. Reports indicate that he was allegedly driving a lawnmower erratically on the street and that a blood alcohol test showed him as more than three times the legal limit. He is now likely working with an attorney to determine his legal options.

A police officer reported that he saw the man make a sharp left turn and begin driving his lawnmower in the wrong lane. The officer also stated that after conducting a traffic stop, the man seemed to have trouble with his balance and smelled of alcohol. His blood alcohol level allegedly registered a .28 percent on the portable breath test the officer administered.

Despite knowing the dangers, students still text and drive

There is a long list of distractions that cause problems for drivers, but texting is one of the most troublesome. The results of a 2013 study confirmed that college students continue the practice even though they know texting while driving is dangerous.

There are three main types of distraction. The reason that texting is so dangerous and the cause of so many vehicle crashes is because it is an activity that involves all three.

Drug crimes could have severe consequences for those charged

A criminal charge may lead to serious consequences if a conviction is obtained. Charges related to various drug crimes are a common cause of arrest in Minnesota and across the country. One young man was recently arrested and charged with a drug-related felony.

Police report that a trooper witnessed the man driving without wearing his seat belt. The officer followed him and observed him allegedly fail to stop at a stop sign and then fail to yield the right of way to another vehicle during a turn. The trooper stopped the man and stated that he observed various indicators of potential drug use.

Minnesota man charged with DUI while riding bicycle

Most Minnesota residents know that driving a car after consuming alcohol could lead to a collision and possible charges. However, many may not know that DUI charges can also result from riding a bicycle while intoxicated. One man is now facing such a charge after allegedly causing a collision while biking under the influence.

According to authorities, the man was riding his bicycle on the interstate at the time of the incident. A witness called 911 to report the man, telling police that he was weaving across the three lanes of the road. Reports indicate that two vehicles collided shortly after the call, supposedly trying to avoid hitting the man on his bicycle. No one was injured in the accident, however.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges in death of roommate

People may face conflicts with others throughout their lives. Though most conflicts result in nothing more than a verbal disagreement, some arguments may turn more physical. One Minnesota man is now facing criminal charges after allegedly stabbing his roommate in an altercation.

Police report that the man was attempting to evict his roommate when the incident supposedly occurred. The man allegedly saw a knife in his roommate's back pocket and grabbed a kitchen knife to defend himself after which the roommate lunged at him. The altercation then moved outside where sources claim that the roommate dropped his knife and the other man picked it up. The man then reportedly fell and the roommate fell on top of him, subsequently getting stabbed with both knives. 

Should new freshmen take sex classes before registering?

In just over a month, a new class of college freshman will start a new chapter of their lives. For many, this will be the first real opportunity to live away from home, and adult expectations will likely be thrust upon them. This includes the responsibility of making good decisions about sex and consent.

On some college campuses, administrators have even gone so far as to require new students to take classes on consent. This post will highlight one school’s efforts and answer the question of whether other schools should follow. To that end, colleges and student groups have initiated discussions and distributed literature about the signs of and importance of mutual consent. 

Minnesota man now facing charges related to multiple drug crimes

A Minnesota man was recently arrested after being stopped by a sheriff's deputy for an alleged traffic offense. He is now facing multiple charges after being accused of serious drug crimes. If convicted, the man could face prison time as well as hefty fines.

The deputy who made the stop stated that he saw the man drive through a stop sign. The driver allegedly admitted to running the stop sign, and the officer claims that the man was driving on a revoked license. The officer also stated that a strong smell of marijuana came from the vehicle, which prompted him to request to search the vehicle, to which the driver agreed. The officer then called for backup to search the car.

A change in laws for Minnesota drug sentencing

On August 1, 2016, the first major changes to Minnesota drug laws went into effect for the first time in nearly 30 years. The laws, which law enforcement, prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys approved, aimed to draw a finer line between drug addicts and pushers with better sentencing guidelines.

Drug offenders now face lighter or more severe penalties, depending on the crime involved. New guidelines stipulate revised penalties for prison time in some cases and drug rehabilitation programs in others.