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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Law Blog

Minnesota man charged with 28th DUI after refusing breath test

A Minnesota man is now facing his supposed 28th drunk driving charge, which could be some kind of dubious record. He was arrested after allegedly refusing to submit to a breath test. The man is now likely working with a criminal defense attorney to present a strong defense to dispute the charge at his impending court appearance. Regardless of his background, the accused individual is still presumed innocent of the current charges before the court.

According to police, the man ignored a stop sign when leaving a Veterans of Foreign Wars facility. They claim that he was driving only 10 to 15 mph and swerving on the highway. An officer alleged that when pulled over, the man's eyes were bloodshot and the officer could see a beer can behind the passenger seat.

Man facing charges related to drug crimes after traffic stop

A man from another state was arrested in Minnesota after a recent traffic stop. He is now facing charges related to drug crimes which could result in severe penalties. The man is likely now working with an attorney to build a strong defense for court.

Authorities said that a Minnesota state trooper was patrolling when he encountered the man. The trooper reported seeing the man's vehicle cross the fog line on Interstate 94, which led him to pull the man over. Apparently, the trooper took note of the fact that it was marijuana harvest season at the time of the traffic stop. The trooper alleged that the man had bloodshot eyes and appeared tired, so he brought in his police dog to sniff the truck.

Can an ignition interlock device solve your DWI dilemma?

Perhaps you are driving home from a weekend party. You are in high spirits, mainly because you had a few beers. You are only five minutes from pulling into your driveway when a law enforcement officer stops you for cruising through a stop sign. 

The officer suspects you of driving while intoxicated, and testing shows your blood alcohol content to be above the legal limit. You now face suspension of your driver's license, and the only way for you to get back on the road is by participating in the Minnesota ignition interlock program.

Woman with prior driver's license revocation facing new charges

When someone commits serious traffic offenses, exacting consequences may be enforced. One potential ramification of such offenses is a driver's license revocation. A Minnesota woman has recently been accused of several charges related to a crash she was allegedly involved in after having her license previously suspended.

Authorities claim the woman fatally struck a police officer with her car while he was removing debris from the side of the highway. An officer reportedly gave the woman a field sobriety test following the crash, which led police to believe she was under the influence of a controlled substance. Police also believe that the woman was using her cell phone at the time of the incident, based on an examination of her call and text logs.

Minnesota man facing criminal charges in alleged shooting

Being accused of a crime is a very serious situation. Anyone in that position would likely benefit by consulting an attorney as soon as possible. A Minnesota man facing criminal charges related to attempted murder is likely now looking into his legal options.

According to the man's girlfriend, the two were discussing their relationship when he pointed a gun at her. She claims that he shot her as she attempted to run up the stairs. Authorities stated that the woman was shot four times, with one bullet entering her abdomen and another hitting her left hand and blowing off part of her finger.

Man charged with underage DUI after alleged failed breath test

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, many crimes may carry serious consequences when convictions are obtained. Being accused of a crime would likely be an alarming situation for most people. Seeking out an experienced criminal defense attorney is often beneficial in such circumstances. A young Minnesota man is likely now looking into his legal options after being charged with multiple offenses due to allegedly failing a breath test

According to authorities, the 20-year-old was supposedly driving a car that had been reported stolen. When police spotted the vehicle, the man was pulled over. Upon searching the vehicle, he was arrested and charged with multiple offenses ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

Minnesota professor now likely considering criminal defense

When a person is accused of a crime in Minnesota, he or she may face severe consequences depending on the charges. Those in this situation may find that consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney is often beneficial. A professor at the University of Minnesota is now working with his attorney after being charged with a felony.

The technology professor, who is known for his expertise with cyber security, was recently charged with a felony related to forging financial documents in a divorce case. He is now facing more accusations after allegedly purchasing 14 handguns from various stores in the state. According to one of the store managers, the professor lied on one of the forms necessary to purchase a gun, claiming that he was not under indictment for a felony.

What you should know about binge drinking and DUIs

Many college students in Minnesota are under the impression they must drink alcohol regularly to be in danger of getting DUIs. What they fail to realize is the majority of people who drink and drive are binge drinkers. It may seem fun for you to drink until you feel drunk with your friends, but the moment you get behind the wheel to drive, you are breaking the law. 

Binge drinking and driving is reckless behavior that puts more than your life in danger. Your actions also endanger the lives of your passengers and every other motorist and pedestrian near you. It is important for you to understand that in the eyes of the law, it does not matter how many drinks you have. 

Minnesota man facing DWI charge after police chase

When a Minnesota resident faces a criminal charge, he or she may be unsure how to proceed in light of the accusations. For many, consulting an experienced attorney is often beneficial to the outcome of their case. One man is likely looking into his legal options after being charged with a felony level DWI along with other charges.

Police report that they began a high speed chase with the man in the city that continued onto the property of a local farmer. The officer alleged that he had to exceed speeds of 120 mph to keep up with the driver. Once on the farm, the man purportedly drove through a few fences and through a potato field, ultimately causing thousands of dollars in property damage. 

2 Minnesota men accused of drug crimes involving cocaine

The possession and distribution of illegal drugs can lead to serious ramifications for anyone involved in such matters. Those facing drug charges in Minnesota may wonder how to proceed in light of these types of accusations. Two men are now likely looking into their legal options after being charged for drug crimes related to the distribution of cocaine.

Authorities say that multiple law and drug enforcement organizations, including the Minnesota State Patrol and Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug, worked together on a recent drug ring investigation. Allegedly, agents made several controlled buys from the two men now accused of participating in the ring. They say this led to the seizure of about 73 grams of cocaine. After further search warrants were executed, another 44 grams of cocaine were also reportedly found.