About The Minnesota Ignition Interlock Device Program

In July 2011, Minnesota law changed. Now even for a first DWI/DUI offense, you may have an ignition interlock device installed in your car or truck. Participating in the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Device Program can allow you to regain your driver's license.

If you are required to have a device installed, or if you simply have questions, turn to Bauer Law Office. I am Thomas Bauer, the owner and operator of this law firm. From headquarters serving Plymouth and Brooklyn Park, I also represent people throughout the surrounding areas of Minnesota who have been accused of drunk driving. I have extensive experience with ignition interlock devices. My staff and I can explain what to expect if this program pertains to you.

How The Device Works

The ignition interlock device isn't very large or difficult to use. It's about the size of a cellphone and is hardwired into your vehicle. In order to start the vehicle, you must first breathe into the device. The device will also prompt you to do a "rolling retest" after 20 or 30 minutes on the road.

If the ignition interlock device detects any alcohol on your breath, it will automatically report the results to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Caution: Don't make the mistake of tampering with or disabling the device. That is considered a misdemeanor criminal offense.

Learn more about the program requirements. Contact Bauer Law Office for advice and guidance relevant to your unique circumstances.

Why You Can't Always Trust The Results

Because the ignition interlock device sits in the vehicle all day, every day, through the heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter, the results aren't always accurate. Extreme changes in temperature and other factors can affect the reliability of the device.

It's important to know that this device isn't perfect, so don't hesitate to contact a lawyer who can obtain all the facts and stand up for you. If I am your defense attorney, I will act as your counselor and strong advocate.

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