College Student Drug Charges Or College Student Felony Drug Charges

At Bauer Law Office, we know the severity of Minnesota drug laws. A conviction for possession of a controlled substance or drug trafficking has serious consequences. For college students, the repercussions go beyond criminal penalties and impact the rest of their lives.

A Note To Parents Of College Students Caught Up In The Drug Culture On Campus

For so many students, drugs are part of private and public college life. One of your biggest fears might be that your son or daughter will become a part of that campus environment. Those concerns become reality when your college-age child is arrested for a drug crime. Do not be frozen with fear if this has happened in your family. Reach out to an experienced defense lawyer without delay.

The moment you are notified of pending criminal charges is the moment you must take action. While you shouldn't panic, you do need to take these legal matters seriously. Protect your child's rights — specifically their right to remain silent — by contacting Bauer Law Office.

I am attorney Thomas Bauer, with more than 40 years of experience in criminal defense. I am prepared to apply in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of Minnesota drug laws to your case. My clients often come from Plymouth and surrounding communities.

Finding Options To Minimize The Impact Of Misdemeanor And Felony Drug Charges

The moment Bauer Law Office takes on a drug case, we go to work. If I am your attorney (or your child's attorney), you can count on me, Thomas Bauer, to identify opportunities to minimize consequences or have charges dismissed before trial. You or your child may be a first-time offender eligible for reduced and alternative sentences. Judges and juries tend to look upon first-time offenders with leniency, especially those attending school to prepare for their future.

Those proactive steps do not mean that I will shy away from a trial if it is in your best interests. I am a skilled litigator, determined to pursue the best outcome in the courtroom.

Beware Of The Life-Changing Effects Of College Student Drug Charges — Take Action Now

Do not let a single criminal charge jeopardize your future — or as a parent, the future of your son or daughter who is a college student. Contact a criminal defense lawyer 24/7 for a free initial consultation by calling 763-445-9911 or contacting us via email.