When You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer On Your Side

At Bauer Law Office serving Plymouth, Brooklyn Park and area communities, we are proud to provide personal counsel and aggressive representation to clients throughout the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas of Minnesota. I am Thomas Bauer, the owner and founder of this law firm. I bring to the table more than 40 years of experience in a wide range of criminal defense matters, including:

  • Drunk driving Come to us to learn about avoiding fines or jail time, and find out how to prevent the loss of your license. I am an experienced lawyer trained on Minnesota's alcohol testing device. I understand how fallible it is.
  • Traffic violations — Even a simple speeding ticket or reckless driving charge can have a negative effect on your life. Learn about your options.
  • Violent crimes — If you were charged with assault, domestic violence or a similar offense, let's explore all your available defenses under the law.
  • Drug crimes — Minnesota is especially strict when it comes to drugs and narcotics. Even marijuana charges can have devastating repercussions, so do not brush them off as minor infractions. If you have been charged with possession, distribution or trafficking, seek help from Bauer Law Office.
  • Sex crimes — Without skilled representation, you are facing mandatory sex offender registration, prison time and other significant penalties. Take immediate action to protect yourself.
  • White collar crime — We defend clients charged with check fraud, embezzlement and many other types of white collar offenses.
  • Other misdemeanors and felonies — I understand the embarrassment that comes with being arrested for any type of state or federal violation. I want you to know that you can fight back.
  • Pre-charge representation — If you believe you may be under investigation, don't wait to consult me, defense lawyer Thomas Bauer. Although you haven't yet been charged or arrested, law enforcement is likely working behind the scenes to build a case against you. My proactive assistance can make a world of difference in the ultimate outcome.

Get A Free Consultation; Then Get Your Defense Underway

If you have been accused of any type of crime, contact a criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn Park. This law firm is available 24/7 at 763-445-9911 or by email.

This can be a frightening and awkward time. Don't let a single charge jeopardize your record for the rest of your life. Let me fight for you.