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College Student Crimes Archives

Drug crimes could have severe consequences for those charged

A criminal charge may lead to serious consequences if a conviction is obtained. Charges related to various drug crimes are a common cause of arrest in Minnesota and across the country. One young man was recently arrested and charged with a drug-related felony.

Should new freshmen take sex classes before registering?

In just over a month, a new class of college freshman will start a new chapter of their lives. For many, this will be the first real opportunity to live away from home, and adult expectations will likely be thrust upon them. This includes the responsibility of making good decisions about sex and consent.

Minnesota man now facing charges related to multiple drug crimes

A Minnesota man was recently arrested after being stopped by a sheriff's deputy for an alleged traffic offense. He is now facing multiple charges after being accused of serious drug crimes. If convicted, the man could face prison time as well as hefty fines.

Charges can come out of college student fights

Sometimes, altercations arise between college students or between a college student and another person in the community the student goes to college in. Being accused of having gotten into a physical fight is an allegation that can have considerable ramifications for a college student. In some cases, it could result in them facing assault charges.

When a college student is facing disorderly conduct charges

There are all manner of life-impacting situations individuals can find themselves in during their college years. Some college students end up facing criminal charges during their time in school. One of the types of charges sometimes leveled against college students is the charge of disorderly conduct.