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Criminal charges filed against Minnesota man

Many workplaces have complicated dynamics. While some have employees who all get along, others may experience conflict and contention. However, this conflict rarely boils over into people's personal lives. Despite this, a man in Minnesota now faces criminal charges after police say he intentionally struck a former co-worker with his car.

Minnesota man faces criminal charges after boulder strikes car

There are a variety of different people who utilize Minnesota roadways. While some people drive for personal reasons, others require the roads for commercial purposes, such as transporting large loads. Unfortunately, a man now faces several criminal charges after his use of a road to haul a large load allegedly led to two deaths.

Minnesota woman faces criminal charges following domestic dispute

When a person feels for his or her life may be in danger, difficult decisions must be made in a fraction of a second under a great deal of stress. In some situations, the best decision is to fight back to protect oneself. Unfortunately, the events leading up to the death of a man in Minnesota following a domestic incident are unclear, even though his wife now faces criminal charges.

Minnesota legal assistance before criminal charges are filed

Police officers in Minnesota and across the country may have a difficult job. However, their goal in their professional lives is sometimes to arrest someone on criminal charges in order to gain a conviction. While the desire for justice is understandable, the zeal for it can often lead to a person's rights being overlooked.

Several in Minnesota face drug charges following traffic stop

Many people who are questioned by authority figures such as police officers often become nervous during the encounter and may not fully understand the implications of the information they provide. Often, those who may be suspected of a crime are unaware of their rights when questioned. However, an experienced attorney can help. Several people who were recently arrested following a Minnesota traffic stop and now face drug charges may decide to seek such help.

Minnesota criminal charges after woman argues with ex-boyfriend

A romantic relationship -- and its aftermath -- can be a volatile time for some people. Even relationships that only last a short period of time can result in strong feelings. Despite this, these feelings rarely lead to violence. However, a woman in Minnesota now faces criminal charges after she reportedly became involved in an altercation with her ex-boyfriend.

Criminal charges filed in alleged assault of Minnesota bus driver

People handle conflict in a variety of different ways. Often, conflict only involves verbal confrontation. However, police say that a man in Minnesota resorted to violence following an incident on a bus. That man now faces criminal charges are a result of the alleged incident.

Authorities search for Minnesota woman facing criminal charges

People often react to news in ways that may seem contrary to expectations. Unfortunately, when someone feels that his or her life may be in danger, for example, reactions are centered more around self-preservation than calling authorities. Officials in Minnesota are now looking for a woman who faces criminal charges and is considered a person of interest in her husband's murder even though many of the details regarding the man's death are unclear.

Criminal charges filed after police say Minnesota man sold meth

When people struggle financially, they are often desperate to improve their situation. However, this rarely means turning to illegal activities. Despite this, police in Minnesota claim that a man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly admitted to selling drugs to make more money.

Man faces criminal charges for Minnesota break-in

Almost everyone has been in a unfamiliar neighborhood, unsure which house is the one for which they are looking, potentially causing a person to approach the wrong residence. Unfortunately, police say that a man in Minnesota now faces criminal charges because he illegally entered a private residence. He could spend 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges against him.