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Posts tagged "Drunk Driving"

DWI offenses carry tough penalties in Minnesota

If you have just had a couple of beers or an alcoholic drink, you may think yourself perfectly capable of driving. Unfortunately, you may find that you are not in as much control of your faculties as you thought. Alcohol clouds judgment, vision and reflexes, and if your driving becomes even slightly erratic, you may be stopped on suspicion of DWI: driving while impaired. In Minnesota, you will likely face both criminal and administrative penalties and, depending on the circumstances, these can be extremely harsh.

What signs of intoxication do police look for during a stop?

Being pulled over by police is an experience people would rather avoid. No one wants to get ticketed, or worse, arrested for a mistake they've made behind the wheel. This can be especially true in the context of drunk driving. But people all across Minnesota are pulled over for a drunk driving mistake.

How binge drinking leads to impaired young drivers

Binge drinking is very popular with teenagers, especially those who are experiencing life on a college campus, but alcohol doesn't mix well with the responsibility of driving a car. When teens who have been binge drinking get behind the wheel, they are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road.

How to not get pulled over by the cops

We have all seen those drivers: those who text while driving, not paying attention to the road, those who tailgate or change lanes without signaling, those aggressive drivers speeding around slower cars. While nobody's perfect, it is definitely easier to get pulled over than you think. If you want to avoid being pulled over, as most of people do, it can help to know what to avoid doing while on the road.