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Posts tagged "College Drug Crimes"

How supposed study drugs can lead to trouble for your child

Sending a child off to college is one of those mixed-emotion milestones in life. As a parent, you know you'll miss your son or daughter and will worry while school is in session. On the other hand, you've invested many years into raising your child to be ready for this special time and are proud of his or her achievements. Understandably, there's a period of adjustment for parents and students alike when a child begins college. Those who don't adjust so well may face a variety of problems.

People who have a drug addiction need treatment, not jail time

People who take prescription drugs often feel they are safe from addiction because they are under the care of a doctor. While this is often true, taking drugs can easily get out of hand, as is sometimes the case with college students. Campus life is challenging and some students take drugs like Ritalin and Adderall when they need to focus on studying-for example, on the night before a big exam. If a case of substance abuse develops, the affected student might be helped with justice intervention treatment.