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Is your drinking becoming a problem?

You may believe that the signs of alcohol abuse are apparent and that you do not have a problem. While there is no single indicator that your alcohol use is excessive, some signs point in that direction. Alcohol use disorder may occur when an emotional or physical...

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Common signs of substance abuse

Casual consumption of alcohol and drugs can eventually lead to a substance abuse disorder. Over time, those with this condition become more desperate and often turn to illegal behaviors to cope and find the things they need. Recognizing the signs of a substance abuse...

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What are the four levels of traffic offenses?

Traffic offenses are generally considered minor infractions, but there are actually four levels of offenses. Some levels can carry serious consequences and leave you with a criminal record. According to the Minnesota House, the four offense levels range from a petty...

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Know the basics of indecent exposure

Many college students may think that certain behaviors are simply part of being in college. However, some acts, such as indecent exposure, may get students into trouble. FindLaw says that people may face indecent exposure charges if they display their genitalia in...

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What is an alcohol use disorder?

Many people suffer from an alcohol use disorder. According to Mayo Clinic, alcohol use disorder involves trouble controlling drinking. If you feel your drinking caused significant issues, such as DUI charges, you may need to consider treatment for an alcohol use...

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