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DUI/DWI Charges Archives

Minnesota man suspected of DUI in fatal accident

When faced with a potential emergency situation, people react different ways. For some, their response may be to panic and flee. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials in Minnesota claim that a man who they say was involved in a fatal pedestrian accident fled the scene; he has since been arrested on suspicion of DUI as a result.

Drunk driving case: Small crack in windshield not probable cause

The U.S. Constitution provides a number of different protections for those living in the country. Unfortunately, many people may be unaware of the exact protections provided, especially regarding the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. However, a recent ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court in a drunk driving case helps clarify what actions of police may violate a person's Fourth Amendment rights.

Drunk driving suspected in Minnesota after car strikes police SUV

Driving at night can easily be disorienting. Even when another vehicle is brightly lit, it may be difficult for other drivers to determine the vehicle's exact position, for example. Despite this, police in Minnesota believe that a driver that struck a police sports utility vehicle was drunk driving.

Minnesota man crashes into pole; accused of drunk driving

It is relatively easy to become distracted while driving. Often, drivers in Minnesota may think too much of a minor collision that causes little to no damage. However, police have now accused a driver that appears to have been involved in a minor incident with drunk driving, among other charges.

Minnesota teen arrested twice for DWI

Some people can see harmful behavior in even the most innocuous actions. For example, something as simple as parking in a parking lot could potentially result in a call to police. Unfortunately, a teenager in Minnesota who initially attracted attention after she allegedly parked in a church parking lot was arrested twice for DWI in an eight-hour period.

Collision with Minnesota ambulances leads to drunk driving charge

When driving at night, it may be easy to become disoriented. A combination of lack of visibility and fatigue might make it easier to take a wrong turn, for example. Unfortunately, it may be easy for law enforcement officials to assume that an action that may be born from a simple mistake was actually the product of an illegal activity. In fact, a man in Minnesota was recently charged with drunk driving following a collision with an ambulance and a squad car.

Drunk driving accusations follow collision with Minnesota deputy

Most everyone in Minnesota and across the country who has gotten behind the wheel of a motor vehicle has likely been involved or been close to being involved in a car accident. A collision can happen for a variety of reasons, including disorientation due to a lack of visibility or distraction. However, police claim that drunk driving was involved in a recent collision involving a sheriff's deputy.

Minnesota horse-and-buggy crash leads to drunk driving charge

Drivers in Minnesota and across the country often experience difficult-to-predict circumstances as they drive on the roadways. While some of these may be easy to respond to, other unexpected obstacles, such as a horse and buggy in the road, may be more difficult. Unfortunately, police have now accused a man of drunk driving following an incident with a horse-drawn vehicle that resulted in a death.

Minnesota mom accused of drunk driving

As most people in Minnesota with children will likely agree, being a parent is difficult, especially when small children are involved. In fact, driving with young children can be especially distracting. Often, parents find themselves attempting to hand their children a drink or snack -- for example, while driving -- which could potentially lead to maneuvers that could be negatively perceived. Unfortunately, police have recently accused a mom of drunk driving.

Woman accused of DUI after fiery Minnesota crash

Those who have never been in a car crash may be unfamiliar with the effect that being involved in such an incident can have. While the physical implications are clear, some people are also affected emotionally -- perhaps in ways that may manifest similarly to people who are under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota has recently been charged with driving under the influence, DUI, following a recent fiery crash.