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DUI/DWI Charges Archives

Woman suspected of DWI after Minnesota crash

Any driver who uses the roadway is likely aware of the potential of being involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, even the most experienced, careful drivers can sometimes find themselves momentarily distracted or in an unfamiliar area that may make it difficult for them to fully understand the flow of traffic. Despite the many different potential causes of an accident, police in Minnesota and across the country are often quick to assume that alcohol was a factor. In fact, a young woman is suspected of DWI following a recent crash.

Police claim drunk driving factor in fatal Minnesota crash

Even the most vigilant of drivers can become involved in a car accident. Something as simple as a conversation with a passenger can be a sufficient distraction to cause an accident. Despite this, police in Minnesota believe that a recent fatal crash was the result of drunk driving.

Minnesota roundabout accident leads to DWI charge

Roundabouts are structures used in Minnesota and other areas of the world that are believed to help with the flow of traffic. However, they can be confusing for those who have little experience with them. Unfortunately, one man now faces multiple criminal charges, including DWI, after he was allegedly involved in an accident in a roundabout.

Fatal accident in Minnesota leads to drunk driving allegations

When people are accused of committing a crime in Minnesota,  they often feel overwhelmed by the criminal justice system. Without legal training, they may be unaware of their options. For example, a man who police claim was drunk driving when he caused a fatal car accident is likely considering his defense options as he responds to the allegations against him.

Responding to a first-time drunk driving charge in Minnesota

For people in Minnesota with little or no legal training, a criminal charge can seem overwhelming. Some people may feel that they are unprepared to make decisions on their own and that their life is ruined because of the charge. Fortunately, Bauer Law Office has the necessary experience and knowledge to guide those facing a first-time drunk driving charge throughout the process.

Minnesota man suspected of DWI in hit-and-run crash

It is easy to make a miscalculation when driving. A driver, for example, may believe that another car is moving slower than it actually is, potentially resulting in a turn that could cause an accident. Unfortunately, a Minnesota man now faces accusations of DWI, among others, after he allegedly left the scene of an accident in which he was involved.

Minnesota man arrested twice in 7 hours for drunk driving

When a person faces criminal charges, they may often feel unsure about their options. For example, some people may be uncertain about their right to remain silent when questioned by police. Unfortunately, police in Minnesota claim that they have recently arrested the same driver twice in just over seven hours for drunk driving.

Minnesota mayor charged with DUI

Anytime people choose to pursue a political position -- even if it appears to be a relatively minor one -- they often set themselves up for additional scrutiny. Unfortunately, even a hint of illegal activity could be enough to garner media attention. In fact, the mayor of a Minnesota town is now coping with press coverage after he was accused of DUI.

Minnesota man suspected of DUI in fatal accident

When faced with a potential emergency situation, people react different ways. For some, their response may be to panic and flee. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials in Minnesota claim that a man who they say was involved in a fatal pedestrian accident fled the scene; he has since been arrested on suspicion of DUI as a result.

Drunk driving case: Small crack in windshield not probable cause

The U.S. Constitution provides a number of different protections for those living in the country. Unfortunately, many people may be unaware of the exact protections provided, especially regarding the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. However, a recent ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court in a drunk driving case helps clarify what actions of police may violate a person's Fourth Amendment rights.