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DUI/DWI Charges Archives

Man charged in alleged drunk driving accident

Drinking alcohol is a common practice for many people as a way to further enjoy social situations or to relax after a long day. Making the choice to drive after doing so, however, might result in drunk driving and/or other charges. One Minnesota man now faces multiple charges after his alleged participation in a recent car accident that resulted in the death of another man.

Minnesota man facing DUI and other charges after hit-and-run

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is an action that could lead to unfortunate events. Some drivers may be unaware of their level of intoxication, however, and may face unexpected consequences. One Minnesota man has recently been charged with DUI and other offenses after his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash.

Minnesota man accused of DWI with children in car

There could be many different reasons a police officer might pull someone over, including speeding, suspected drunk driving or other traffic violations. This situation can be intimidating for those being accused and may eventually lead to serious consequences. A Minnesota man is now accused by authorities not only of DWI, but also leading police on a high speed chase while his children were in the vehicle.

Minnesota man facing charges in potential drunk driving accident

While driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal, drivers sometimes fail to realize that they are over the legal limit. Whether a driver knowingly or unknowingly drives while intoxicated, the risk of causing a car accident is apparent. One Minnesota man may face drunk driving charges in addition to others after his alleged involvement in the death of a pedestrian.

Minnesota woman charged in alleged drunk driving accident

Operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol is never a good idea. Though drivers may believe they have not had enough alcohol to push them over the limit, getting behind the wheel after drinking may still lead to car accidents with tragic results. One Minnesota woman is now facing multiple charges after her alleged involvement in a drunk driving crash.

Minnesota man facing DWI charge after police chase

When a Minnesota resident faces a criminal charge, he or she may be unsure how to proceed in light of the accusations. For many, consulting an experienced attorney is often beneficial to the outcome of their case. One man is likely looking into his legal options after being charged with a felony level DWI along with other charges.

Alleged drunk driving crash leads to death of young woman

A variety of factors could lead to car accidents. One common factor in a significant number of serious accidents across the country is drunk driving. A Minnesota man may end up facing criminal charges after his involvement in an alleged DUI crash in which a young woman was killed.

How much does a DWI raise a driver’s insurance rate in Minnesota?

Among the substantial expenses a person deals with on a regular basis are their car insurance payments. Now, there are some things that can push a person’s auto insurance rates to particularly high levels. One of these is being convicted of drunk driving.

The possibility of losing one’s vehicle over a DWI

A car can be many things for a person. It can be an essential component in their everyday activities. It could be their only way to get to work. It can be their way of visiting family. Some people may feel a great sense of freedom in relation to their car, given the freedom of movement it gives them. Also, some people may have many fond memories connected to their vehicle.