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Drunk Driving Archives

What signs of intoxication do police look for during a stop?

Being pulled over by police is an experience people would rather avoid. No one wants to get ticketed, or worse, arrested for a mistake they've made behind the wheel. This can be especially true in the context of drunk driving. But people all across Minnesota are pulled over for a drunk driving mistake.

College and DUI don't typically fare well together

When you're away from your family at college, you may understandably experience moments of loneliness or even sadness when missing familiar sights and sounds of home. Most colleges in Minnesota and elsewhere offer plenty of sports, extracurricular activities and social events to provide joyful distractions and promote active lifestyles on campus.

Diabetes may cause inaccurate breath test readings

A breath test, given to someone suspected of driving under the influence, is used to measure blood alcohol content, or BAC. The breath test is performed using a small, lightweight device called a breathalyzer. If you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, a police officer may ask you to blow into this device continuously for five seconds or longer to test deep lung air.

Recent developments in DUI law

Federal, state and local laws are always evolving. As a result, it can be difficult to keep up with recent legal trends and developments. It can be very helpful to have the guidance of an experienced attorney once you have need of one, but it can also be helpful to research a bit from time to time on legal subjects that may impact you in the future.

When a DUI results in property damage

Sometimes, driving drunk is a relatively innocent mistake. Because alcohol metabolizes differently under different circumstances, some individuals can have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit, yet feel completely sober. Others are unexpectedly affected by prescription drugs or other substances. Oftentimes, it is only after an accident occurs that drivers realize that their bloodstreams are not, in fact, clean to a legal level.

How to not get pulled over by the cops

We have all seen those drivers: those who text while driving, not paying attention to the road, those who tailgate or change lanes without signaling, those aggressive drivers speeding around slower cars. While nobody's perfect, it is definitely easier to get pulled over than you think. If you want to avoid being pulled over, as most of people do, it can help to know what to avoid doing while on the road.