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Driver's License Revocation Archives

A driver's license revocation or suspension in Minnesota

For many people in Minnesota, their ability to drive is directly related to their ability to support themselves and their families. Without a driver's license, a person could be unable to go to work or meet a variety of other professional and familial obligations. As such, many who face a driver's license revocation of suspension turn to the experienced law firm of Bauer Law Office for help.

Woman with prior driver's license revocation facing new charges

When someone commits serious traffic offenses, exacting consequences may be enforced. One potential ramification of such offenses is a driver's license revocation. A Minnesota woman has recently been accused of several charges related to a crash she was allegedly involved in after having her license previously suspended.

Minnesota man charged with DUI while riding bicycle

Most Minnesota residents know that driving a car after consuming alcohol could lead to a collision and possible charges. However, many may not know that DUI charges can also result from riding a bicycle while intoxicated. One man is now facing such a charge after allegedly causing a collision while biking under the influence.

License revocation issues for individuals accused of DUI

When a driver is pulled over by police here in Minnesota, what the traffic stop results in could have major implications for their future. If the stop results in them being accused of testing above the legal limit for blood alcohol content, their very ability to get around could be at risk.