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Criminal Defense Archives

Man facing criminal charges in Minnesota over dog

For many people in Minnesota, a pet is often an important member of the family. The loss of a pet can be devastating and could prompt a person to go to extreme lengths to recover it. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota facing criminal charges reportedly claims that his actions were an attempt to recover a dog that was stolen from his girlfriend.

Minnesota healthcare worker faces criminal charges

There are people in Minnesota and across the country who are in need of help taking care of themselves in their own home. Unfortunately, there often are not enough workers to provide the care that is needed, potentially leading to insufficient personnel. Despite this, law enforcement officials in Minnesota have filed criminal charges against a woman, apparently believing that she could not have worked the hours providing such care that she reportedly logged.

Minnesota shooting leaves girlfriend facing criminal charges

When a shooting occurs, the desire for answers is understandable. However, the events surrounding an incident are often complicated and can lead to confusion. Despite this, a woman in Minnesota is now facing criminal charges after police say that she shot her boyfriend.

Man faces criminal charges after woman is stabbed in Minnesota

When a person is injured, there is an understandable need to fully examine all of the events leading to the injury. In some cases, law enforcement officials may determine that it is necessary to file criminal charges. In fact, a man now faces charges after he allegedly stabbed a woman in Minnesota.

Minnesota daycare worker faces criminal charges

Many parents in Minnesota and across the country have to make the difficult decision to place their children into the care of someone else while they go to work. The vast majority of day care providers are dedicated to protecting the children in the care and ensuring that their best interests are met. Despite this, a day care provider now faces criminal charges, reportedly connected to the services she provides.

Teenager charged with assault after altercation at Minnesota bar

Late at night, a bar near a college campus can be a hectic, chaotic scene. In fact, authorities in Minnesota claim that an altercation occurred at one bar on a night in May. Reports indicate that a teenager has since been taken into custody, charged with assault as a result of the incident.

Man accused of assault while defending his Minnesota home

Many people in Minnesota and across the country work hard for the things that they have. As such, it is understandable that they would want to protect both themselves and their property from the actions of would-be thieves. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota is now charged with assault after he allegedly shot a man on his property.

Man facing serious criminal charges after child suffers injuries

When accused of a serious crime, any person can feel out of control. Handling criminal charges can result in individuals being placed in scenarios that they have never been in before or at least have little knowledge about how to address effectively. If a person has charges like attempted homicide brought against him or her, information about the case may help.

Minnesota woman accused of fraud, other crimes

The criminal justice system can seem overwhelming. Even the process of being questioned by law enforcement officers can be a nerve wracking experience, especially if the person suspected of a crime is not fully aware of his or her rights. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota is now facing multiple felony charges, including fraud, after she was accused of stealing money from her employer.

Criminal charges after search of Minnesota ballplayer's apartment

The debate about marijuana use has shifted significantly over the last few years. However, though some states have legalized it, others still consider it a crime to possess. Unfortunately, a football player for the Minnesota Vikings now faces criminal charges after police searched his apartment and allegedly discovered marijuana and other drugs.