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Criminal Defense Archives

Man facing serious criminal charges after child suffers injuries

When accused of a serious crime, any person can feel out of control. Handling criminal charges can result in individuals being placed in scenarios that they have never been in before or at least have little knowledge about how to address effectively. If a person has charges like attempted homicide brought against him or her, information about the case may help.

Minnesota woman accused of fraud, other crimes

The criminal justice system can seem overwhelming. Even the process of being questioned by law enforcement officers can be a nerve wracking experience, especially if the person suspected of a crime is not fully aware of his or her rights. Unfortunately, a woman in Minnesota is now facing multiple felony charges, including fraud, after she was accused of stealing money from her employer.

Criminal charges after search of Minnesota ballplayer's apartment

The debate about marijuana use has shifted significantly over the last few years. However, though some states have legalized it, others still consider it a crime to possess. Unfortunately, a football player for the Minnesota Vikings now faces criminal charges after police searched his apartment and allegedly discovered marijuana and other drugs.

2 men face criminal charges after Minnesota traffic stop

When driving long distances, it is not uncommon for drivers to momentarily drift across the fog line. Such an act is rarely a reflection of the driver's skill or state of my mind. Unfortunately, a state trooper in Minnesota apparently believed that a traffic stop was necessary after a driver drifted over the fog line. The two occupants of the vehicle now face criminal charges.

Minnesota man pleads guilty in coin fraud scheme

When people run certain businesses, they are often tasked with the responsibility of determining whether a product is counterfeit. Unfortunately, if they make a mistake, they could ultimately end up facing accusations of fraud. In fact, it is unclear how law enforcement officials who have charged a Minnesota business owner of selling counterfeit coins determined that he was aware that the coins were not real.

Minnesota home search results in drug charge

In the United States, people are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. If law enforcement officials suspect a crime is occurring at a private location, they may choose to seek a search warrant depending on the circumstances of the situation. In fact, a man in Minnesota who now faces a drug charge is likely wondering what led police to seek such a warrant against a home he reportedly owns.

Minnesota man suspected of assault in string of incidents

Anyone can have a disagreement with someone for a variety of different reasons. These disagreements, however, rarely result in violence. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota is now accused of assault after a conflict but is suspected of being involved in a string of other incidents.

Man faces multiple criminal charges in Minnesota shooting

Most people would admit that the end of a romantic relationship is often difficult for both parties. While the reaction to a former love interest likely varies from person to person, most do not include violence. Despite this, a Minnesota man faces multiple criminal charges after he allegedly confronted a woman he used to date, and her co-worker, at their place of employment.

Minnesota chiropractor expected to plead guilty in fraud case

When people in Minnesota are accused of crimes, they are often left facing multiple decisions that will ultimately have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. Depending on the nature of the charges against them and the consequences a conviction can carry, a defendant may feel that the best option is to accept a plea deal. In fact, it seems that a chiropractor accused of fraud has opted to do just that.

Man faces criminal charges after pizzeria altercation

Conflict can happen at any point with any person. While some people may be involved a heated verbal exchange, violence is relatively rare. However, there are some instances in which a person may feel that his or her life is in danger, forcing protective actions. Unfortunately, the exact events leading up to an altercation at a Minnesota pizzeria are unclear, but one man now faces criminal charges.