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College Student Crimes Archives

Minnesota college student charged with underage drinking

When driving near a college campus, there may be additional distractions and potential obstacles. For example, there may be a higher volume of pedestrians who could behave unpredictably. If a car accident does occur, it may be easy for law enforcement officers to make assumptions about a driver's sobriety simply due to his or her age or the location of the accident. In fact, a driver in Minnesota is now accused of underage drinking following a recent crash.

Minnesota teen accused of assault, underage drinking

People experiencing a medical emergency may be unsure of what is happening around them. In the confusion, they may mistakenly perceive someone who is trying to help as a threat. Unfortunately, a Minnesota teenager is now facing criminal charges, including accusations of underage drinking, after she allegedly injured a health care worker at a hospital.

Multiple citations for underage drinking given at Minnesota party

For many students -- both high school and college -- it is not uncommon to attend parties. Often, nothing more sinister than sugar overload occurs at these gatherings. However, police in Minnesota have recently cited multiple people for underage drinking after they received a report about a party.

Woman cited for underage drinking at Minnesota concert

Many people attend concerts in Minnesota in order to relax and have a good time with friends and family. Unfortunately, a woman attending a recent concert has found herself in the glare of the national media. Reports indicate that she needed to be rescued before she was cited for underage drinking.

Minnesota man facing drug crimes related to THC-laced candies

Minnesota residents accused of possessing or distributing illegal drugs may face severe legal repercussions if convicted. Those charged with drug crimes would likely benefit from seeking the aid of experienced criminal defense attorneys. One man is likely focused on his legal options after being accused of selling candies laced with the active ingredient in marijuana.

Minnesota man charged with drug crimes after investigation

Minnesota residents accused of crimes may not know what to expect after an arrest. Fortunately, a criminal defense attorney may be able to assist those in this situation by explaining the charges they face and representing their rights and interests in court. One man is now likely working with an attorney after being charged for alleged drug crimes.

Minnesota man now facing accusations of drug crimes

A young Minnesota man is now facing serious criminal charges after a recent police investigation. The man is accused of multiple drug crimes, which could lead to severe consequences should prosecutors obtain a conviction. He is likely now looking into the legal options available for his defense with the aid of an attorney.

Minnesota man now facing charges related to drug crimes

Possessing and distributing illegal substances can lead to severe legal ramifications for those accused. For many, charges related to drug crimes are a common cause for arrests. A Minnesota man is now facing criminal charges after police allegedly discovered illegal drugs in his vehicle. A female with him is also now facing charges.

Minnesota man facing felony charge for alleged drug crimes

Being charged with a criminal offense can be a serious situation. Drug crimes are a common cause of arrests in Minnesota and across the country. One man is now facing felony charges after police recently searched his home and allegedly found illegal drugs.

Man facing charges related to drug crimes after traffic stop

A man from another state was arrested in Minnesota after a recent traffic stop. He is now facing charges related to drug crimes which could result in severe penalties. The man is likely now working with an attorney to build a strong defense for court.