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Blood Alcohol Tests Archives

Minnesota man allegedly refuses breath test after traffic stop

Parents in Minnesota and across the country typically have different ideas regarding how to best parent their children. Despite these differences, most people are able to make decisions for their children. However, police reportedly stepped in after they allegedly received calls about a man who has allowing his toddler to help drive a sports utility vehicle. After the man is said to have refused a breath test, he was taken into custody and now faces multiple charges.

Minnesota snowmobile driver arrested after refusing breath test

Most people are aware that driving a car while intoxicated is illegal. However, some may not know that operating other types of motor vehicles after consuming alcohol may also result in charges or fines. A Minnesota man has recently been arrested after allegedly refusing a breath test following a snowmobile accident.

DUI: Minnesota judge facing charges re alleged failed breath test

Being accused of a crime may not only result in serious legal consequences, but may also affect a person's reputation. These are only a few of the reasons why it can be important to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after charges are made. A Minnesota judge accused of drunk driving is now working with an attorney after allegedly failing a breath test.

Man facing criminal charges after failed breath test

Car accidents have become an unfortunately regular occurrence in Minnesota and across the country. When accidents happen, police may believe that alcohol is involved and request a breath test. One man is now facing charges after he allegedly failed such a test following a collision with a pedestrian.

Minnesota man charged with 28th DUI after refusing breath test

A Minnesota man is now facing his supposed 28th drunk driving charge, which could be some kind of dubious record. He was arrested after allegedly refusing to submit to a breath test. The man is now likely working with a criminal defense attorney to present a strong defense to dispute the charge at his impending court appearance. Regardless of his background, the accused individual is still presumed innocent of the current charges before the court.

Man charged with underage DUI after alleged failed breath test

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, many crimes may carry serious consequences when convictions are obtained. Being accused of a crime would likely be an alarming situation for most people. Seeking out an experienced criminal defense attorney is often beneficial in such circumstances. A young Minnesota man is likely now looking into his legal options after being charged with multiple offenses due to allegedly failing a breath test

Blood alcohol test results lead to Minnesota man's 9th DWI

A Minnesota man was recently charged with his ninth offense related to drunk driving. Reports indicate that he was allegedly driving a lawnmower erratically on the street and that a blood alcohol test showed him as more than three times the legal limit. He is now likely working with an attorney to determine his legal options.

Blood alcohol test requires implied consent advisory

All states have implied consent laws, and most drivers who refuse chemical sobriety tests may be subject to penalties such as loss of license or even jail time. When someone drives in Minnesota, that person automatically consents to any breath, urine or blood alcohol test requested by a police officer who has probable cause to believe the person is impaired while driving. Often, the results of a preliminary breath test give police cause to search a driver's vehicle, which may lead to other unrelated charges.

Breath test results lead to arrests of Minnesota men

Two Minnesota men have been arrested in separate drinking and driving incidents within hours of each other. Both men were given field sobriety tests and one a breath test before receiving DWI charges. They are now likely working with attorneys to dispute these charges.