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When domestic violence can end up in criminal court

Allegations of assault within the home may often involve a crime related to domestic violence. As such, the results of the allegation may extend further than a civil restraining order. One may find him or herself the subject of criminal charges, even if false, that could result in a prison term and a criminal record.

You may be able to avoid a felony drug possession conviction

If you are facing first-time charges for drug possession, you may not realize the full ramifications of your actions. You risk your future and freedom. You could end up with a criminal record that will haunt you long after you finish the terms of your sentencing. Drug charges can make you ineligible for financial aid and certain types of public benefits, and make it harder for you to qualify for lucrative career opportunities. 

What you should know about binge drinking and DUIs

Many college students in Minnesota are under the impression they must drink alcohol regularly to be in danger of getting DUIs. What they fail to realize is the majority of people who drink and drive are binge drinkers. It may seem fun for you to drink until you feel drunk with your friends, but the moment you get behind the wheel to drive, you are breaking the law.