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Man facing criminal charges in Minnesota over dog

For many people in Minnesota, a pet is often an important member of the family. The loss of a pet can be devastating and could prompt a person to go to extreme lengths to recover it. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota facing criminal charges reportedly claims that his actions were an attempt to recover a dog that was stolen from his girlfriend.

The incident that resulted in criminal charges reportedly happened in May. According to reports, a 31-year-old man approached a man's apartment, reportedly claiming to be experiencing car problems. When a dog in the apartment came close to the door, the former allegedly grabbed the dog and ran to a waiting vehicle with a female driver.

The alleged victim claims that he followed the man and dog to the parking lot, but he says the man brandished a knife. The defendant reportedly put the dog in a car that drove away before he ran from the scene. Police have since been in contact with the man over the phone, and he claimed that he suspects that the dog is one that he previously gifted to his girlfriend and one, he claims, was stolen. He denies using a knife in the incident.

Neither the dog nor the man have been found by Minnesota law enforcement officers. However, he now faces a charge of first-degree aggravated robbery. Unfortunately, the man may be unsure of his legal options as a result of the accusations against him. To help him respond, he may choose to seek guidance from an attorney with experience with cases involving similar criminal charges.

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