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Teenager charged with assault after altercation at Minnesota bar

Late at night, a bar near a college campus can be a hectic, chaotic scene. In fact, authorities in Minnesota claim that an altercation occurred at one bar on a night in May. Reports indicate that a teenager has since been taken into custody, charged with assault as a result of the incident.

The alleged altercation is said to have happened at Rounders Bar and Grill. Reports indicate that a 19-year-old male became involved in an altercation with another male. The teenager then reportedly punched a woman in the face. The woman allegedly suffered cuts to her face and was transported to the hospital; details about her condition are unknown.

Reports claim that the teenager left the bar but was followed by bouncers. He was taken into custody soon after. He now faces two counts of fifth degree assault and one count of third degree assault.

Despite the assault charges the young man is facing, many details about the incident are unclear, including how the woman became involved in the incident or whether the teenager may have feared for his life. Regardless of this, the defendant is left to make multiple decisions that will likely impact the rest of his life. Many people in Minnesota facing criminal charges feel unprepared to make these decisions, often prompting them to seek guidance from an experienced professional who can help them fully understand their options -- including fighting the charges in court or accepting a plea deal if one is offered -- and their potential consequences.

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