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Minnesota daycare worker faces criminal charges

Many parents in Minnesota and across the country have to make the difficult decision to place their children into the care of someone else while they go to work. The vast majority of day care providers are dedicated to protecting the children in the care and ensuring that their best interests are met. Despite this, a day care provider now faces criminal charges, reportedly connected to the services she provides.

Officials are reportedly taking action to ensure that the day care that a 25-year-old woman operated out of her home is permanently closed. Reports indicate that officials searched the woman's home on a day in late February. She reportedly had 12 children in her care. Three of the children were reportedly buckled into their car seats at the time of the search.

Though reports indicate that officials discovered 17 violations if the facility had been licensed, details regarding what those violations were are unclear. Police claim that the woman smelled of alcohol, prompting them to conduct a breath test which determined that her blood alcohol content was .12. It is unclear what prompted the search of the home, though reports claim that she advertised online that she was a licensed day care provider.

The search resulted in criminal charges against the woman, including operating a home day care without a license and child neglect. In addition to potentially losing her livelihood, the woman now must also respond to charges against her. Many people in Minnesota who facing similar circumstances feel unprepared to create an effective response without the help of a professional with experience with such cases.

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