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Minnesota college student charged with underage drinking

When driving near a college campus, there may be additional distractions and potential obstacles. For example, there may be a higher volume of pedestrians who could behave unpredictably. If a car accident does occur, it may be easy for law enforcement officers to make assumptions about a driver's sobriety simply due to his or her age or the location of the accident. In fact, a driver in Minnesota is now accused of underage drinking following a recent crash.

The incident reportedly happened on a night in late April. According to reports, a driver was traveling near a sorority building on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Reports indicate that the sports utility vehicle struck a bush before hitting the building.

Police believe that the bush protected the building from sustaining major damage. The driver has since been cited for careless driving and drinking under the age of 21. It is unclear what caused the accident or how police determined that the driver had consumed alcohol prior to the crash.

Accusations of underage drinking can have serious consequences. For some people, it could make it difficult to find employment in the future or could jeopardize their status with the school if they are in college. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help those facing criminal charges fully understand their legal options. While for some this may mean fighting the charges in court, for others, it could involve accepting a plea deal, if offered. With a legal professional on their side, defendants typically feel more prepared to make informed decisions.

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