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Man faces criminal charges after woman is stabbed in Minnesota

When a person is injured, there is an understandable need to fully examine all of the events leading to the injury. In some cases, law enforcement officials may determine that it is necessary to file criminal charges. In fact, a man now faces charges after he allegedly stabbed a woman in Minnesota.

The incident that led to the 32-year-old man's arrest happened late one afternoon on a day in July 2018. According to reports, police were responding to a call about a dog bite at an apartment complex when they came across two children who reported seeing a man stab their aunt. The aunt was already en route to the hospital at the time.

Reports indicate that the man stabbed her, attempted to choke her, poured alcohol on her and pulled her into another room all while declaring that no one would love her like he does. Police claim that he refused to leave a bedroom, prompting police to kick down the door and use a Taser on him; he was allegedly covered in blood and refused to drop a knife in his hand. The woman reports that while she had been friends with the man for many years, their relationship was not romantic in nature.

As a result of the incident in Minnesota, the man now faces multiple criminal charges, including second-degree attempted murder, domestic assault, endangerment of a child and assault. If convicted, he could spent more than 40 years in prison. Unfortunately, the man may feel unprepared to respond to allegations against him, but a professional with experience with such cases can examine all of the details, including taking measures to determine whether the events occurred as reported and if the man could determine right from wrong at the time if they did occur as described.

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