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Man accused of assault while defending his Minnesota home

Many people in Minnesota and across the country work hard for the things that they have. As such, it is understandable that they would want to protect both themselves and their property from the actions of would-be thieves. Unfortunately, a man in Minnesota is now charged with assault after he allegedly shot a man on his property.

The incident happened on a day in mid-April. According to reports, a 36-year-old man confronted a man who was reportedly seen on his property; specifically, the defendant claims that the man was by his door. He further states that he told the man not to move. When the man moved, he told police, he fired three or four times; six spent casings were recovered from the scene.

Minnesota has laws in place that protect people who are "standing their ground." However, law enforcement officers claim that surveillance footage shows that the injured man was walking away when he was fired upon. While he recovers in the hospital, the homeowner who allegedly shot him is charged with assault.

Police in Minnesota say that they discovered a crashed vehicle that had been stolen at an intersection near the residence; the injured man claims that he was not involved, though. In the meantime, a man who appears to have only wanted to protect his property is now facing an assault charge. As a result, he will likely want an experienced professional on his side who can help him respond to the allegations against him. If convicted of the charges he faces, he could face a significant fines and spend several years in prison.

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