DWI/DUI Drug Charges? Contact A Skilled Defense Lawyer

At Bauer Law Office, we know how embarrassing and stressful it can be for a person to get pulled over and accused of driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or a combination of the two. I am Thomas Bauer, the founder of this DUI/DWI defense law firm serving Plymouth, Brooklyn Park and area communities. Through my years of experience defending Minnesota drivers, I understand the serious consequences you are facing if this has happened to you. I also know a skillful defense can make a great difference in your case outcome.

Were You Driving While Using A Prescription Medication?

Driving after smoking marijuana, doing meth or taking any other type of illegal drug is obviously a serious matter. However, it's also possible to be charged with DWI for driving under the influence of a legal Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance, such as Adderall, Vicodin and other prescription medications. Here is one example:

Your doctor gives you a prescription for Vicodin to relieve your severe back pain. Soon thereafter, on the way to your physical therapy appointment, you are pulled over by a police officer who noticed a broken taillight on your car. While talking with you, he suspects you may have narcotics in your system, asks you to submit to a chemical test and arrests you for "drugged driving."

Whatever the circumstances of your arrest, don't wait to contact an experienced DWI/DUI drug defense lawyer to begin protecting your rights right away.

Your Driver's License Is In Danger, So Take Action

Fighting DWI drug charges and fighting the loss of your driver's license are two separate matters. You may not realize that even if you go to court and resolve the DWI side of the case, your license will still be revoked unless you act quickly.

You have a 30-day window to challenge the license revocation, so get an attorney involved in your defense today. Call Bauer Law Office at 763-445-9911 or email our office to arrange a free initial consultation. We are here for you 24/7.