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DUI/DWI Charges Archives

Alleged drunk driving crash leads to death of young woman

A variety of factors could lead to car accidents. One common factor in a significant number of serious accidents across the country is drunk driving. A Minnesota man may end up facing criminal charges after his involvement in an alleged DUI crash in which a young woman was killed.

How much does a DWI raise a driver’s insurance rate in Minnesota?

Among the substantial expenses a person deals with on a regular basis are their car insurance payments. Now, there are some things that can push a person’s auto insurance rates to particularly high levels. One of these is being convicted of drunk driving.

The possibility of losing one’s vehicle over a DWI

A car can be many things for a person. It can be an essential component in their everyday activities. It could be their only way to get to work. It can be their way of visiting family. Some people may feel a great sense of freedom in relation to their car, given the freedom of movement it gives them. Also, some people may have many fond memories connected to their vehicle.